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Fall/Winter Menu

Hello and welcome!
Homemade and Yours is a brand new idea for food! After being here in England for a while I have noticed that there are not many options for the foods we crave from the States. I have been cooking for years and have decided that there is a need for wholesome, delicious, and traditional foods that draw upon American classics. I like to make food that tastes like your Mother came to visit!

To place an order: email with the items you want and I will email you back a confirmation, where you can pick it up, and your total. Please provide your full name and a contact number for your order. If a phone call is easier feel free to call me at 01832 730056

For starters I will be offering the following:

Meal Choices:

Not Yo Mama's Meat Loaf - serves 3 or 6
My TOP SECRET recipe. Delicious and filled with lean ground beef, and ketchupy goodness. Inspired by the time honored classic with a modern twist. Healthy and filled with flavor. Easy to reheat and a sure crowd pleaser.

Cha Cha Cashew Chicken - serves 3 or 6
Authentic recipe!!! Healthy and wonderful Chinese classic with green peppers, all white meat chicken, bamboo shoots, and of course cashews. Contains no MSG and will have everyone wondering where you learned to cook traditional Chinese food.

Pennsylvania Dutch Shepard's Pie - serves 4 0r 6-8
My grandmother's secret recipe! A classic meal that is filled with tender ground beef in a savory gravy, and covered with creamy mashed potatoes.

Booyah! Baked Chicken - serves 4-6
Deliciously tender, succulent, and filled with flavor. Cooked to perfection and falls off the bone! This chicken speaks for itself.

Cuban Black Beans and Rice - serves 4-6
Every menu needs some latin flare! My black beans and rice are filled with flavor, spice, and are absolutely satisfying. I spent the summer in Florida and came back with this recipe!

Legendary Chicken Parmesan - serves 3 or 6
Hand breaded and seasoned to perfection. Comes with Homemade and Yours 2 day red sauce. Incredibly tender chicken breast will melt in your mouth.

Scrumptious Spaghetti Sauce and Homemade and Yours Meatballs -serves 3 or 6
My homemade spaghetti sauce that simmers on the stove for 2 days for extra deliciousness, and handmade meatballs. Filling, satisfying, and made for happy full bellies!


Marry Me Chocolate Cake - 13 x 9 sheet cake serves 12
Sorry people I am already married but this cake will make you want to marry me! Completely homemade traditional chocolate cake that is unbelievably moist and light. This cake is topped off with an incredible layer of cream cheese icing. Perfect for any occasion!

Kung Fu Carrot Cake Bundt Cake serves 12-15
Hard to believe vegetables can be sooooooo darn tasty! A wonderful, moist, and beautiful cake. Jam-packed with carrots, walnuts, and spices. No raisins in this carrot cake, because that's how I roll. Topped off with delicious cream cheese. Improve your eye sight today!

D's Nuts - serves 5-6
Wonderful for the holidays! Packaged beautifully and great to give as a small gift. Or, buy a cheaper version to snack on at your desk! Addictive, and a great source of protein.

Shut up! Chocolate Zucchini Cake - 13 x 9 sheet cake serves 12...if you're lucky.
No one can believe there is zucchini in this cake! It is a spiced chocolate cake that will make even YOU eat your vegetables. Worth a try! I promise you will love it.

Wake me up! Coffee Cake - serves 14-16
Super moist, filled with spices and nuts. Perfect for a morning get together or just to call your name from the kitchen any time of the day.

That's How I Roll Pumpkin Roll -serves 10-12
A pumpkin cake rolled up with all the awesomeness of cream cheese icing, and you can eat it with your hands! Perfect for Thanksgiving!

I make everything with love from my kitchen. Everything is completely from scratch! I am extremely clean and meticulous. I am proud to offer you delicious products made by hand. If there are any concerns about food allergies please feel free to contact me at or call me at 01832 730056 and we can sort it out!

Are you gluten free? Ask me about my Gluten Free Cheese Cake!!!
Are you on Atkins? I used to be! I have some kick butt recipes as well! Just ask!

Not Yo Mama's Meatloaf:
$7. 50 for 3 person serving
$12.50 for 6
Cashew Chicken:
$8.50 for 3 person serving
$13.25 for 6 person serving
Pennsylvania Dutch Shepard's Pie:
$9.00 for 4 person serving or
$15.00 for 6-8
A complete meal in one box!
Booyah! Baked Chicken:
$15.00 for whole chicken
Cuban Black Beans and Rice:
$13.00 serves 4-6 and is a complete meal!
Legendary Chicken Parm:
$21.00 for 3 person serving
$34.00 for 6 person serving
Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs:
$17.00 for 3 person serving
$27.00 for 6 person serving

Marry Me Chocolate Cake: $18 $21/ Iced
Kung Fu Carrot Cake: $20
Shut Up! Chocolate Zucchini Cake: $22
D's Nuts: 1/2 lb $12
1 lb for $20
Gift packaged nuts: 1/2 lb for $17 in a beautiful container!
Wake me up! Coffee Cake: $18.00
That's How I Roll Pumpkin Roll: $15 per roll

Is a big cake too much? You can order by the slice!
(Weeks according to each week in a month)
Week 1: Marry Me Chocolate Cake
Week 2: Kung Fu Carrot Cake
Week 3: Shut up! Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Week 4: That's How I Roll, Pumpkin Roll
All slices will be $3.00/slice.

1 lb of mashed potatoes: $6.00 great with Not Yo Mama's Meatloaf!
3 Cups cooked Jasmine rice: $6.00
Homemade stuffing: (serves 4-6) $10.00
6 cups cooked pasta: $9.00
Want a veggie? Just ask me how!

I am flexible for special occasions! Do not hesitate to contact me via email at or call 01832 730056

Find me on facebook to stay updated on everything to come!!!

Homemade and Yours provides you with a small menu of items to choose from. You can then put in an order for your food of choice, and the meal will be packaged and available for you to retrieve from work at Molesworth, or Alconbury on every Thursday. I can ship certain items as well. Don't be afraid to email me! I am flexible and just want to bring good food to good people. There will be simple instructions to follow to ensure your food will be heated properly, and just as tasty as ever.
I am always open to suggestions for other food options. I have a fairly large food "vocabulary," and I am willing to take requests.
This is an excellent option for people to get awesome food at a cheaper rate than you would get on the economy. Want to surprise your honey with something special? Try the Cha Cha Cashew Chicken! These items are loved by one and all, and are a great way to break up the monotony of your normal menu! Excellent value delivered to you!

Momma Cook

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